a little about me

From the time my dad brought home a hand-me-down Commodore 64 from his brother who worked at Keytronics, I've been a gamer. My parents used to rent a Nintendo console and games from good old Hastings on the weekends for us kids to play. My dad is passed now, but I still get excited when I think of playing Condor and Total Recall with him! Ahhh, sweet gaming memories!

The way gaming looks has changed over time and become something completely unimaginable, but the way gaming feels remains the same: Thrilling, Powerful... dare I say Hopeful!? When you can take a break from this life and exist in an alternate realm that you've created - either by yourself or with an awesome group of friends whom are just as weird and wonderful as you are - its pure magic. Its  safe, it's comfortable, and it is a hell of a lot of fun! Whether you are into tabletop gaming, role-playing, or setting up four computers all over your dining room so you and your friends can pull an all-nighter, gaming isn't just a hobby, its a lifestyle!

Several degrees and exhibitions later and I'm still a starving artist. The yearning to create something from all the swirling chaos that comes with this life is sometimes so strong I ache for it. I am a painter, and I miss that craft. Being a parent, a worker and a wife takes up most of my time these days, and there aren't many moments left to play games or create art.


The path that led me to be a 3d printer of game related art isn't too hard to see given my history. Through the blur of never being fully satisfied with what I went to school to do (which time?) and being too exhausted to do any of the creative, fun stuff that I so much love, 3d printing made total and absolute sense.

I hope you enjoy my Etsy store. Moreover, I hope you find something that sparks that inner gamer's glow of yours! If you have any special requests or need help finding anything, or printing something special please just ask: printablefantasies@gmail.com

I've gotchu ;)


Etsy store coming soon!